mardi 27 mars 2012

Questions Following The Official Request To Her Majesty

This is the letter I sent to Her Majesty The Queen following her answer to my: Official Request, To Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, for the dismissal of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada

Montreal, March 12th 2012.
Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London, UK   SW1A 1AA

Subject:  QUESTIONS FOLLOWING THE Official request to Her Majesty DATED DEC. 16th 2011.

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

I will start by congratulating Your Majesty on your Jubilee anniversary, it is a great achievement.  I thank Your Majesty to have taken time to acknowledge my request.  I was honoured to read in your February 24th’s response, that it was useful to Your Majesty to have had my views on my beautiful country of Canada.
Once again, I have to address Your Majesty because some questions were left unanswered.  For Your Majesty not to dismiss Stephen Harper as Prime minister of Canada nor, to dissolve Parliament leaves me perplex.  Have Your Majesty heard that during the past May election, it was recently found that mechanisms were put in place that might have altered the elections’ results?  This happened only few weeks after the Contempt of Parliament’s offence by the Stephen Harper’s government, the Canadian Constitution is still being violated repeatedly by his government and, examples of it keep on piling.

What is Your Majesty’s role exactly in Canadian democracy since our democracy ultimately depends on Your Majesty’s will and power? 

I asked Your Majesty in my December request, concerning the following important events, while the integrity of the Canadian Constitution and democracy were being attacked by:   

- Senators jumping from one Chamber to the other without any delay in between even though, the Senate and the House of Commons are supposed to be independent from one an other. 

- Conservative majority Senate not going through the entire process required by our Constitution for accepting or rejecting law projects.   

- Governor General calling an early election and breaking the fixed date elections law passed by the Stephen Harper’s government. 

- Stephen Harper’s candidacy being illegitimate after his contempt of Parliament offence.

Have Your Majesty advised the Governor General in any way concerning those very serious matters?  As I previously reminded Your Majesty, it was not long before that the Governor General was appointed by Stephen Harper when those events occured. 
I also demanded Your Majesty to make modifications to our Constitution to readjust the way Your Majesty delegate your power in Canada.  Senators and Governor General should be appointed by a neutral procedure instead of being appointed ultimately by only one person.  As Your Majesty can understand here, we can no longer expect this power, to be put in just reasonable hands as we now know, it leaves too much room for uncontrollable egos. 

I ask again to change some rules for a modern democracy in Canada.  The following changes would need to be suggested by Your Majesty, because nobody in power related positions will ever make them:  

- Limiting to a maximum of two, the number of mandates one individual can occupy a power related position like a Mayor or a Minister, in order to limit possibilities of corruption. 

- Mandatory voting for every eligible Canadian citizen so that costly elections have more significant results and, the majority obtained is a legitimate one.  No majority should be possible with less than a quarter of the votes like it happened in May 2011 in Canada.   

About the title of, The Right Honourable, and its privileges that could be maintained for life.  Will Your Majesty deprive Stephen Harper of this privilege since his government was disgracefully found in contempt of Parliament?  Isn’t it a good enough reason for Your Majesty to do so?

Celebrating Your Majesty’s 60th year reign and making your mark in Canada’s history books at the same time is still possible. 

I heard somewhere that the duty of a Monarch goes beyond its willingness to act. 


Chantal Dupuis
Montreal, Qc

This document expresses the personnal opinion of Chantal Dupuis, any total or partial reproduction is prohibitedwithout the written permission of the author.  All rights reserved ©  Chantal Dupuis

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