mardi 22 mai 2012

Fellow-Citizens, what are we waiting for ?

 « Fellow-Citizens, what are we waiting for ? »

For too long now, we let things go. The politic is so mistreated by politicians that the population is now jaded.  Result: about four people in ten of us don’t even deign anymore to do his only duty as a citizen, to vote.  When you think that in some countries, people die to do just that and in Canada, it’s not even a century that women are considered as a person, the assessment is rather disappointing.

This collective carelessness is expensive for us all and it makes sure that politicians get elected in a majority with not even 25% of our voices!  This way we give them all the latitude to do what they want even if though it’s against our interests and our Common Good.

What happened since the '70s, this period when politicians lifted the crowds?  It's simple, there is no more consultation with the population. We are so asleep that we let lobbys slyly settle with our elected representatives and now it is their interests which take precedence over those of the population. Politicians are now enslaved to CEOs who are there purely for pecuniary interests which have no concern for the good of our community, our health, our environment.

Politics has become a profession.  Henceforth the politician practice it by self-interest.  A vision for the future of all of us citizens, those who put him there, it no longer exists.  It seems that the Elected representatives increasingly forget the dignitary side of their role in their decision making.  The word dignitary implies: the respect of fellow-citizens, the defense of the Common Good, of our rights and freedoms, the creation of collective wealth, essential education to the population, protection of natural resources, an inspiring vision for the future of all.  Where have all these collective values gone?  They used to be an integral part of any self-respecting government, it went without saying.  Well, not anymore.  Our collective interests were replaced by the interests of individuals who only want our good, our Common Good, of course!

Most of these individuals come from major industries that have been rushing big chunks of taxpayers' money for years. The nuclear industry is costly and creates radioactive wastes which nobody knows how to get rid of, which are shoveled to future generations. The oilsands is another industry that creates excessive pollution and makes the surrounding population sick.  The new shale gas industry which poisons groundwater and causes earthquakes. The pharmaceutical industry which controls the cost and level of health of our population.  Then the genetically modified industry, which brought new substances in our DNA.  Currently, the governments let these five industries ruin our environment, pollute our air, poison our waters, dry out our land, control our health, and play with our food chain, all in the name of money that these industries could potentially generate.  What are we waiting for to stop this increasing control the lobbys of these industries have over our governments that we put in place?

All these industries have a powerful lobby.  By this term it’s implied that CEOs bribe our politicians through fundraising activities and activities more entertaining one than the other.  So laws to the benefit of these same lobbys mahage to get introduced into our system, at our expense and in our face.

Now, when a person or a group denounce unfair or unjustified decisions of the governments, politician-makers, find expressions one sicker than the other to discredit anyone who opposes their, too often, dishonest manoeuvers. What are we waiting for to refuse to silence the population for the servitude of the truth?

What are we waiting for to ask that Members of our prestigious Institutions, the guardians of our Democracy, honor the function for which we pay them?  What are we waiting for to want to express out loud what goes against our collective values? What are we waiting for to demand that our laws cease to be violated repeatedly by careless politicians? What are we waiting for to write, to call, to fax to our Elected representatives to tell them about our concerns or, our good ideas?  What are we waiting for to unite ourselves and say: « IT’S ENOUGH! »

Chantal Dupuis
Montreal, Qc 
published on May 22nd 2012. 

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