jeudi 10 mai 2012

The Queen answers to me again, and acts!

 It is as a Canadian citizen, worried for the future of my children and my country that I took the initiative to write to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II.  The way the Harper government is running Canada does not sit on Canadian values but rather onto an extremist partisan idealism that does not have its place in our democracy.

In December 2011, when the parliamentary session ended in an unworthy manner for the House of Commons, I decided to send an official Request to The Queen to tell her know about my concerns, and the alarming situation in which my country wasI have raised some of the failures of our current system. Surprise, I received an answer from Her Majesty on March 1st.

Dissatisfied with the response I got, I wrote a second letter to Her Majesty, questioning on her exact role within Canada as for the Governor General, and other points I raised in my initial RequestHer Majesty replied to me again, and this time she has seen fit to transfer my Request to the Governor General so he could consider it.

Chantal Dupuis, Woman Who Wrote To Queen Asing For Harper To Be Fired, Fets Another Response (Huffington Post)
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