dimanche 6 mai 2012

Request of intervention from the part of the Members of the Supreme Court of Canada, the Members of the Senate of Canada and the Governor General of Canada

Montreal, May 4th 2012.

Object:Request of intervention from the part of the Members of the SupremE Court of Canada, the Members of the Senate of Canada and the Governor General of Canada

Greetings to you all, Honorable Members of the Government of Canada,

I address myself to you all at the same time because the hour is grave and the delays, too short.  You all had the privilege to be named to your respective positions in order to protect the interest of all Canadians.  This Democracy that you are all supposed to be defending well, it is collapsing under our feet to the views and to the knowledge of us all.  You all have the duty to intervene in an exceptional manner and probably jointly in order to save our Canadian Democracy from the hands of this Conservative government. 

This government insults the intelligence of Canadians and does not take at all in account the gains and successes of our country.  To win a majority with only 24,3% of the votes, is really outrageous and we suffer the result today.  What is the ultimate insult though, is to have the Conservatives constantly repeating that they obtained a strong mandate and that they are just accomplishing electoral promises.  Everything that this budget imposes on Canadians, under gag, does not come from any supposed sensible electoral promise, and most of all was not the object of any consultation, study or consensus. 

While leaving, the May 2nd 2011 election, it should have excluded Stephen Harper from the electoral race since he had committed the contempt of Parliament offense, a first in the history of Canada, the result of a multitude of faults very grave towards Canadians and the House of Commons.  Certain people among you, which had the duty to watch for the respect of the rules of our Constitution, did not act in time and in place. 

It seems to me that when you have accepted to accomplish the tasks linked to your Positions and Titles within the Government of Canada, you have accepted the salary and treatment that accompanied this function and now, it is quickly time to assume the full responsibility of it.  The offences and violations towards our Constitution multiply themselves at a dazzling speed and nobody among you all, Honorables, budge.  Your positions all are based on Honor, it is therefore now is the time to honor your Titles and to act in the interest of all Canadians whom you are supposed to defend and represent with dignity. 

The Conservative Government of Stephen Harper bullies and scorns the rights of Canadians, creates unemployment rather than jobs, violates environmental laws, violates all the democratic rules or simply the ones of common sense, ridicules the elected Members of the House of Commons, gags the Opposition, put Canada in debt as never before in its history, prorogued Parliament two times rather than one in order to avoid questioning of his actions by the House, over-uses the Courts to defy  Canadian laws and, violates its own laws. 

This government has done all in its power to accomplish a hidden agenda from of us all, and it seems they want to do it to the detriment of Canadians.  The last budget presented to the House of Commons will devastate all that forged our collective pride and this, simply by partisan ideology.  All our democratic processes seem to be short-circuited in the approval of the present budget and as citizen, I am disturbed by the manner in which the Harper government runs Canada without any preoccupation for the future of the coming genenations.  Our gains fly away one after another and now, it seems that the Government of Stephen Harper is out of control.  Take careful notes that this is the way dictatorships succeed in implementing themselves. 

You all, Honorables, have the duty to intervene with all the power that you were entrusted with so that these abuses and continuous assaults on Canadian Democracy get sanctioned and that starting now, you bring back to order, the Government of Stephen Harper. 

Thank you for understanding the emergency of my request and I wish you all the courage required by your functions. 

I will finish my request of intervention with a quotation from  Desmund Tutu:
"When one remains passive in front of a situation of injustice, it is that one chosed the side of the oppressor." 


Chantal Dupuis
Montréal, Qc

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